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Update 4

First up, sorry for the lack of activity or updates. Things have been pretty busy at work and I’ve also been getting things organised for my holiday (25th – 4th).

There have been a few little advancements with the hull (I’ll post some more pictures when I’m back), it’s starting to take shape now but as you can imagine, strip planking a 2 meter hull is a lengthy process.

I also have another big announcement to post about, I’m always talking to commercial companies to see if there interested in donating there knowledge or products. I’m not going to go into details of this new one (sorry!), I’ll save that for when i get back. But i will give you a little clue; It will make Auton rock solid.

Lastly, we’ve nearly decided on the GPS unit we’re going to use. Thanks to the nice little table of shortlisted units (Thanks Sparkicidal!) we can see that the current clear winner is the Ublox NEO-6M which features a unique low power mode, consuming a mere 11mA. We’ll leave the final decision open a little longer so if you have any thoughts head on over the forum thread.