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The Hull Plan

Mathew Vanderhorst’s RS1500, Melbourne, Australia

I’ve been thinking about the Hull and what design to go for, as this sail boat will be ocean going it need’s to be strong so I decided to go for a single-hull design instead of a multi-hull design. Multi-hull designs come under far more stress when riding waves.

Instead of designing my own hull i decided to buy some plans from for the bargain price of 4NZD (around £4). The plans contain everything, material’s needed, tool’s needed, guides, the lot!

There are five sizes of hull plans available;

  • RS375
  • RG65
  • RS750
  • RS1000
  • RS1500

I decided on the RS1500 plans (1.5 meter length hull) as there will be enough room inside to house the electronics/batteries. You start by making the skeleton with Balsa Wood and then coat it in a fibre glass sort of material giving it it’s strength.

I haven’t decided yet if i should create a stronger mould of the finished hull (pure fibre glass), this stronger hull would stand more of a chance at sea. I’m currently looking for the required Balsa Wood( 4 sheets of 5m thick (75mm by 1800mm) and 10 sheets of 1mm thick (75mm by 1800mm). I’ll update the blog when i’ve ordered it.

I forgot to mention that I’ll probably make some alteration to the plan as I want to have dual rudders as the boat will spend most of it’s time tilting. I also want to get rid of the rear slope in order to give me some extra room. Neither of these alterations should effect the performance of the hull.

You can find the plans for the hull at the Racing Sparrow website.