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The build has started!

Some exciting news, I’ve decided to start building the hull using  the Racing Sparrow design (hull only, not the Rig) with a few modifications as I feel we wasn’t getting anywhere with a custom hull design. We’ll test and test this boat vigorously and at the end if we think it’s not suitable for the ocean going event we’ll get a newly designed hull sorted.

Anyway, on to the first couple of pictures (sorry for the poor light, it’s a dark rainy day here in Leicestershire).

The first 3 bulkheads secured to the temporary backbone.

A few more bulkheads secured, also the first strip plank attached. As you can see, the strip plank doesn’t have a smooth curve so I’ll attach some more bulkheads.

I’ve had to alter the sign up procedure for the forum as it was inundated with spam users, if your new and sign up for an account, it will need to be authorised by me. Sorry for this, i might change it if the spam die’s down.