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It’s been around 1 and a 1/2 years since my last post. Crikey, time flies. It was never my intention to stop researching and building Auton but life gets busy sometimes!

I got married nearly 2 years ago and we moved into our new home, since then we’ve been working on the house. I now finally have some spare time to work on the project. 


The balsa frame has only just made it to our new house (it was stored at my mother’s house). The transit isn’t what I would of called plain sailing (sorry for the pun !). There’s been some damage that I’ve started to repair. I’ve been using an extra light filler that I mix with resin – this results in a nice easy sand. 

I’ve mounted the balsa hull to a sheet of plywood as I’ll be attaching a small rim to the top of the hull. This will give more surface area to seal the hull deck to the hull. It will also serve to hold the encapsulent for the solar cells.

Below are a couple of snaps to prove Auton is still alive and well. Ignore the filler, it was my first time using it and may used a little too much.