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Snoopy sets sail

As things are going a little slow on the Autonboat front I thought i’d post a little bit of news on the Sloopy boat. It’s creator, Rob Lovelock has recently set the little boat on it’s journey to the US. At first it got a little stuck in the tidal currents and then started to make it’s way down the English channel.¬†Update:¬†Unfortunately it looks like Snoopy has run aground. More on this after the break.

Unfortunately it looks like the tidal movement is forcing is progress to reverse. Hopefully it will turn around soon and be helped by stronger winds.

You can keep an eye on any progress updates on Robins website here. It makes for a very interesting read. You can also see the progress of Snoopy here on the SPOT tracker.


Update:¬†Unfortunately it looks like Snoopy has ran aground on Portland, waiting for the conformation from the website on what’s next.