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I’ve now glued the balsa hull down onto a flat sheet of plywood. I plan on making the hull in a slightly different way to how racing sparrow hulls are completed. Firstly I’ve given the hull increased girth (I have now idea of the correct terminolgoy) . I also decided to make a plug mold to allow me to create new hulls a lot easier. I’m also planning on making a smaller Auton hull based on either the racing sparrow RS750 or the RS1000. The aim is to use these as testing boats.

You may have also noticed the lip I’ve created I  the attached photo, this is to ensure there’s a L lip all around the top of the hull. Reason for this is two-fold, firstly it gives me more surface area to attach the hulls deck and secondly it could allow me to use encapsulent to cover the deck and solar cells.

Just waiting for this to dry and I’ll continue to fill and sand.