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Quick look at the tilt compensated compass

Just got home from holiday and decided to have a quick look at the compass that was waiting for me. Although the spec’s were on the website, i didn’t notice how small this thing is. As you can see from the picture it’s smaller than a 50 pence piece.

I’ve decided (once I’ve done the first version of the code) I’m going to set up a test rig that will continually move the compass. It won’t be able to 100% mimic the sea (and it’s sea monsters), but it should provide a certain degree of needed testing. I thought about suspending the compass on some string and have a slow RPM motor with an offset cog to keep nudging the string, we’ll see how this develops.

Next step’s in the project are;

  • Order Basla Wood for the Hull.
  • Order some supplies (wire’s etc) to hook up the compass.
  • Get the dev environment set up and confirm it’s working.
  • Code the compass input deamon ready for testing.

Plenty to do!