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This project is still going, its just been going at a snails pace. However i have had some spare time this past week and so i’ve carried on with the strip planking (still worries me how dodgy that sounds). I haven’t taken any pics (i’ll add them later) but i’ve now finished strip planking!!

Up next will be mounting the boat on a flat surface, i’ll be using a sheet of plywood. This allows me to ensure the top of the hull is flat. Once the hull is mounted on the flat surface i’ll create a little lip around the boat, this means when i create mould the top of the hull will have a little L shaped lip, the top of the hull will have the same. This gives me more surface to bond the two parts together,  and will hold the clear silicon (i can’t remember the correct name for it) that will cover and protect the solar cells on the deck.

Going forward i should have a little more time to spend on this (Finished organising the wedding), just to buy a house now!) and i hope to make some real progress. Funds are still tight, the £4 from the Google Ads doesn’t help that much!