New Donate button

In order for me to keep this project going quickly I might need a little help with the funding (I have to save for some item’s), so I’ve added a Donate ribbon in the top right corner of every page. Continue reading


Quick look at the tilt compensated compass

Just got home from holiday and decided to have a quick look at the compass that was waiting for me. Although the spec’s were on the website, i didn’t notice how small this thing is. As you can see from the picture it’s smaller than a 50 pence piece. Continue reading


We’ve found a testing location!

Living in the Midlands, UK, I don’t have a lot of sea around me so I had to find somewhere to test the Auton Boat. Fortunately Rutland Water is around an hour away, it’s where I usually wind surf so I know the place pretty well. It’s the largest man made reservoir in Europe with a 25 mile parimitar track, so there’s plenty of room. Continue reading


More thoughts on the hull

I’ve been thinking on how to strengthen the final (ocean going) hull. At first I was thinking about making the hull out of carbon fibre, but its around £40 per square metre in cloth form.

I decided to go with Kevlar fibre cloth (I’d never heard of it before), strength wise it’s in between fiberglass and carbon but costs only £20 per square metre.

When I’m home at the weekend I’ll look into finding a decent supplier of Balsa Wood and then we can get the first hull started.


Update from my sunbed!

I`m sat here reading my kindle and decided to check my email (thanks Amazon for the free 3G!) and found that i`ve yet again had no reply to the order i placed for the Basla Wood. it`s now been 5 days so i`ve decided to cancel the order.

Does anyone have any recommendations for good UK supplies?


Ordered: Tilt compensated compass

Just placed an order with for the LSM303DLM Tilt Compensated Compass, this will allow us to get a bearing (obviously!) but also detect when the boat has capsized. The plan is let the main sail out a bit more to help aid in getting the boat back up and running. Continue reading


Social links are up

I’ve just created a YouTube channel to host all the video’s that will be coming, I’ve also created a twitter account. You can click on the social links at the top right of the page or use the link’s below.


Don’t forget to follow us!


The Hull Plan

Mathew Vanderhorst’s RS1500, Melbourne, Australia

I’ve been thinking about the Hull and what design to go for, as this sail boat will be ocean going it need’s to be strong so I decided to go for a single-hull design instead of a multi-hull design. Multi-hull designs come under far more stress when riding waves. Continue reading


Getting the Raspberry Pi SD Card setup

I’ve just been doing the first step’s of getting the Raspberry Pi set up. I’ve decided to use a Debian Wheezy Minimal image from Chris Boot’s bootc website, In the Linux world, i’m most familiar with Debian and it’s certainly one of the most stable distributions out there. Continue reading



I’ve finally managed to find the time to get the site up and running (even if we still have a awful logo!). In the next couple of days I’ll install the forums ready for discussions (I hope) on all things Auton.

If you’d like to find out what the Auton Sail Boat is all about then have a read of the About page.