Update 3

It’s been a little quite in the last week so i thought i’d post a quick update.

The Hull
I had originally planned to use the hull blueprints from Bryn at but after some discussions with him i’ve decided to put that on hold. Many hulls have been built using these plans but they haven’t been in the open sea (rough weather). I’m just waiting back from Bryn to see if he would be interested in helping design the hull, if he isn’t then i’ll continue to hunt around for a more suitable plan (up to 2 meters in length). If anyone knows someone with interest in sail boat design and this project then direct them towards the forums! Something i haven’t really documented on here is the desire to have a racing sail boat, or at least one that’s pretty nippy. Although i understand design decisions may need to come first. Perhaps a hull based on one of the Volvo Ocean Racing sail boats?

Satellite Comms
In the background i’ve been busy talking to various companies to see if they would kindly sponsor us, including a company that deals in Satellite Communications. I’ll post a blog entry up announcing the agreement shortly ūüôā

As soon as i’ve got some plans together of the hull i’ll start to make the Balsa Wood construction ready for the fibreglass (or Carbon Fibre) layer.


Update 2

Thought¬†I’d¬†post a few updates on the progress of the Autonboat¬†as well¬† as a few bits of news from elsewhere in the autonomous boating world.

The building begins!
I haven’t any pictures to show (because there isn’t much to show!) but¬†I’ve¬†started to build the hull. I’ve got the backbone measured and cut, templates for the bulkheads have been printed and cut. I’m just waiting on a Balsa Wood stripper to cut the strip planking, once it arrives I’ll get building and provide some new pictures. Continue reading



I have a few update’s before¬†I’m¬†away for the week on holiday. So here they are;

Bryn Heveldt has worked his magic and draw up some plans for a 2 metre hull. He’s put them up on his website for anyone to download ( From the quick look at the plans, i’m thinking this 2 metre hull could be the best choice. There is plenty of space inside and I’m currently exchanging emails with Bryn to see what sort of size keel we would need.

Balsa Wood Sheets
The Balsa Wood Sheets were delivered earlier this week, hopefully in the next couple of week I’ll be using them!

From the¬†Forum’s
There’s been discussions about the energy¬†budget¬†(What we can generate and what we’ll use) in the forums. There’s been some good idea that we’ll need to investigate such as using a waterline genset to generate some electricity. Head on over to the thread¬†and join in with the chat.

See you when I return on the 25th!



Rough Layout

I decided to do a quick rough layout of where things will be (none of it is to scale), this isn’t set in stone as the batteries may not be able to live in the keel. I wanted the compass at the front as far away from any electrical¬†interference. The hull is¬†separated¬†(by the red lines) by water tight compartments, any electrical equipment housed in any of these compartments will also be waterproofed. It should mean if we get a leak in any of the compartments, we should stay afloat. Continue reading


Ordered: Balsa Wood & Connectors

Just a quick update to let you know i’ve finally ordered the Balsa Wood sheets, the total came ¬£90!!! In the end i couldn’t source the correct sizes so i’ll have to glue them together. But as soon as it arrives i can start to build the hull and i’ll make sure i provide plenty of pictures! (I am away for a week, beginning 17th Aug). Continue reading


Quick Update

I’ve posted a couple of threads in the forum, first one being an up to date Hardware list. It contains the¬†requirements for what we need and the status for each item (Green = bought, Orange = decided on, Red = no¬†decision). Please feel free to post your ideas. The post can be found here.

The second post is the start of sourcing the materials for the Hull, first up is the Balsa Wood Sheet. As of yet i haven’t been able for find any at the required size so if you know of any decent suppliers please reply to the thread here.


I’m still here!

Just wanted to post a quick update that things haven’t halted! Things are pretty busy in my work life but i’m still on the case of finding some Balsa Wood sheets at the desired size.

Just waiting for a price back and then¬†I’ll¬†hopefully be ordering it. I’ll make sure to update everyone on the status.


Solar Cell’s have arrived!

The Solar Cells arrived today, there pretty small (3 by 6 inches) and weigh next to nothing. I havent worked out how many of these¬†I’ll¬†need on the deck just yet. I’ll need to work out how much room i¬†have¬†on the deck,¬†I¬†hope to get started on hull as soon as i can source some Balsa Wood.



The forums are open!

The forums are open!

I’ll be closing the ability to post comments on the Blog posts (not that there were many comments!) and leave the forum open for discussion.

You have two options for browsing the forums;

  • Click on the Forums link to the right (in the main menu), this will open the forum up within the blog.
  • Browse to for the full forum experience.

Ordered: 3×6 Solar Cells

Whilst away on holiday I spent time looking at Solar Cells and decided to go for a pack of 36 Cells (A Grade), they measure 3 by 6 inches. Continue reading