Hull Update


It’s been a long time since a gave an update, sorry about that! Things having been moving along, just at the speed of a snail. Theres a whole host of reasons for this but i won’t bother boring you with them.

Autonboat Hull Progress UpdateAs you can see from the photo to the left I’ve continued the work on building the frame up for the hull, this will allow us to create a female mould that we can then cast the hull (any any others if need be).

Before making the female mould i’ll have to go through a few stages of sanding, we need a perfect finish else the you end up with the mould sticking.



Other Boats

Just a heads up that i’ve started to list other boats from around the internet that have a similar aim as us, they make for some interesting reads. Please feel free to add you own or just have a nose at everyone else’s. They can be found here.



Power Generation

I thought I’d do a quick post on an idea I’m working on to generate some power to charge the batteries. Our main one will be solar panels, of course these will only be generating power during the day and even then the amount generated will be depend on cloud coverage etc. So we needed some other ideas. Continue reading


Help choose the colour of Autons hull!

I posted this question on twitter and got a few answers but thought it would be best to post a poll on here. If you select other, let me know in the comments section and I’ll add it to the poll.

I’ve already voted (bright orange), so place your vote below!


What colour should Autons hull be?

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Long overdue update


First and foremost, sorry for going quite. Things have been really hectic recently and I haven’t had much chance to work on the Autonboat. There isn’t much news available so I’d thought I’d post some pictures of the progress so far (sorry about the rubbish lighting). I’m thinking more and more about if I should create a mould or just carbon fibre/fibreglass over the balsa wood. Currently creating  mould is winning as this will give me far room inside.


Continue reading


New Sponsorship from Textreme®

I’m happy to announce that Textreme® will be providing us with Carbon Fibre fabric for the Autonboat, We should have enough to cover the Hull, Deck and Rudders. Combining this with regular Fibreglass with result in a ultra light and strong Autonboat.

Textreme® are better known for providing Carbon Fibre materials to teams in the America’s Cup and the Dakar Rally. The material should arrive Oct 12, I’ll make sure I post some pictures up.

For more information on the material please visit their website at




As I’m now back from holiday I’ll post a few updates.

The Hull Build
I’ve now continued the strip planking with the Balsa Wood for the hull, I’ve added some new pics on the forum thread. I’ll continue getting this done in the spare time I have. The build thread can be found here.

GPS Hardware Selection
We’ve decided to use the Ublox NEOO-6M GPS unit as it has a really good low power mode which consumes just 11mA whilst tracking. I’ve gone and ordered it from at £27.50 + delivery. I’ll post up some pictures when it arrives.

World Robotic Sailing Championships 2012
The WRSC 2012 took place whilst I was away, this years event had a good turn out with some exciting sailing boats. It’s well worth checking out there website with pics and videos of all the activities.  The website can be found here.

FishPi Update
The FishPi POCV is nearing completion (hardware side of things) and received a lick of paint, it was also on show at the Bournville Model Yacht and Powerboat Club. Check out the FishPi forums for pictures of the event here.



Update 4

First up, sorry for the lack of activity or updates. Things have been pretty busy at work and I’ve also been getting things organised for my holiday (25th – 4th).

There have been a few little advancements with the hull (I’ll post some more pictures when I’m back), it’s starting to take shape now but as you can imagine, strip planking a 2 meter hull is a lengthy process.

I also have another big announcement to post about, I’m always talking to commercial companies to see if there interested in donating there knowledge or products. I’m not going to go into details of this new one (sorry!), I’ll save that for when i get back. But i will give you a little clue; It will make Auton rock solid.

Lastly, we’ve nearly decided on the GPS unit we’re going to use. Thanks to the nice little table of shortlisted units (Thanks Sparkicidal!) we can see that the current clear winner is the Ublox NEO-6M which features a unique low power mode, consuming a mere 11mA. We’ll leave the final decision open a little longer so if you have any thoughts head on over the forum thread.


The Hull Part 1 – The Balsa Wood

I’ve started the first thread in the build log forum. I’ll continue to post updates and pictures there. Feel free to join us in the forum!


You’ll find the build thread here.


The build has started!

Some exciting news, I’ve decided to start building the hull using  the Racing Sparrow design (hull only, not the Rig) with a few modifications as I feel we wasn’t getting anywhere with a custom hull design. We’ll test and test this boat vigorously and at the end if we think it’s not suitable for the ocean going event we’ll get a newly designed hull sorted.

Anyway, on to the first couple of pictures (sorry for the poor light, it’s a dark rainy day here in Leicestershire). Continue reading


Satellite Communications sponsored by Rock 7

Some great news!

We now have a solution for two-way communication with the Auton boat (Will only be one way on the Microtransat challenge). Essex based Rock 7 have kindly sponsored us by supplying  one of there new RockBlock modules. Continue reading