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OS Options

I’ve been investigating what OS to run on the Raspberry Pi, I’ve been looking for one that has an up to date kernel yet not come with all the bloat. The one I’m looking at the moment is called Minibian, more can be found on it just here but here are the most important features.

  • Kernel 3.12.28+ #709 ARM HF (Hard Float)
  • 21 secs boot
  • 16 MB RAM used
  • 314 MB disk space used
  • Fit on 512MB SD Card
  • Optimized ext4 file system with swap disabled
  • Support for both B and B+ version
  • Targeted for embedded or server applications (NAS, Web server, electronic applications)
  • 100% full compatbile with officiale release
  • DHCP client enabled
  • SSHD enabled
  • root user enabled (default password: raspberry – please change it a.s.a.p.)