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New Raspberry Pi A+ Released

The fine folks at the Raspberry Pi towers have today announced a freshly baked Pi in the form of the A+. The A+ is a revamp of the A, not only is it cheaper and smaller but it pack more GPIO ports and consumes less power. I don’t have exact figures of the power savings but reading around it should be in the region of 20-25%, which will of course be a massive help for the Autonboat.

On the subject of the autonboat, which is kinda what this site is about! I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that this project hasn’t been abandoned, far from it in fact! Things in my personal life have been pretty busy recently (Getting married and moving into a new home with a big garage :)) and so i haven’t been able to spend any time on it. The boat is still at it’s old home and will stay there until I’ve put a hard skin on the balsa wood structure, when this is done i can move it to our new home.

Update: After reading a few more posts, i’ve a little more information on power consumption. Running the “hello_teapot” demo with a USB keyboard HDMI plug in resulted in the following results: B+ consumes 370mA and the A+ consumes 200mA. That’s a 45% saving!

Of course we won’t have the HDMI or a USB keyboard plugged in so i’m confident the number will be nearer 100mA.


Raspberry Pi A+