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Hull Update


It’s been a long time since a gave an update, sorry about that! Things having been moving along, just at the speed of a snail. Theres a whole host of reasons for this but i won’t bother boring you with them.

Autonboat Hull Progress UpdateAs you can see from the photo to the left I’ve continued the work on building the frame up for the hull, this will allow us to create a female mould that we can then cast the hull (any any others if need be).

Before making the female mould i’ll have to go through a few stages of sanding, we need a perfect finish else the you end up with the mould sticking.



Other Boats

Just a heads up that i’ve started to list other boats from around the internet that have a similar aim as us, they make for some interesting reads. Please feel free to add you own or just have a nose at everyone else’s. They can be found here.