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Getting the Raspberry Pi SD Card setup

I’ve just been doing the first step’s of getting the Raspberry Pi set up. I’ve decided to use a Debian Wheezy Minimal image from Chris Boot’s bootc website, In the Linux world, i’m most familiar with Debian and it’s certainly one of the most stable distributions out there.

After Downloading the image from Chris’s website I used the Win32 Disk Imager software to copy it to the SD Card.  I’m using a 1GB Crucial card as it’s the only one I had laying around, this will need to be updated in future to a faster version. Once Debian is booted up I did  a quick “apt-get update” which can take a while, once completed I installed the openssh server by using the following command; “apt-get install openssh-server”. Once installed I made a note of the IP address and disconnected it all (It was plugged into the TV), I no longer need to connect a monitor/TV as I can simple SSH in using Putty on my Windows machine.