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An update!!

Yes, you may think your dreaming but i’ve actually had the time to post an update! An update to show there has actually been some progress!!

First up the news regarding Autonboat and it’s progress.

I’ve continued with the most time consuming job ever, strip planking. Hopefully i’ll have this finished in the next couple of days. I’ve included some pics in the post below to show you the progress i’ve made. Once the strip planking is completed there will be a single fibreglass layer placed on the balsa construction, once this has cured i shall be using fairing compound. Fairing compound allows you to create a thick sandable layer, this is when i’ll be taking the time to get it nice and smooth ready for creating a mould.

I’ve placed an order with the guys over at for the following;

  • Q-Cell Lightweight Filler 1kg
  • 1kg pack General Purpose Resin
  • Paddle Roller 140mm x 21mm
  • Demoulding Wedge 150x50x18mm
  • 2x2 Twill Fabric 280gm 100cm 3m role
  • Mixing Sticks 100 pack
  • Bucket 550ml 10 Pack
  • Catalyst Dispenser 15ml
  • 400ml (16oz) Paper Cups 10 pack

Of course i shall need more resin and fibreglass/chopped strand matting when i lay the mould. But the above gets me half way there.

Any tips? then let us know in the forums!

Other boats
You may of noticed if you’ve ventured into the forums recently that i’ve added another section called ‘Other boats’, this section is for any other projects similar to autonboat. So make sure you check out the thread for the latest news on a few of the attempts.

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