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About Auton

So… You would like to know about the Auton Sail Boat.

What is Auton?

The Auton Sail Boat is a fully autonomous sail boat that will be powered by wind and solar power. At the heart of Auton is the Raspberry Pi, a low cost educational ARM based computer and various sensors to aid in the control and navigation.

What’s the reason for Auton?

After vigorous testing, Auton will be programmed to sail the Atlantic in the microtransat challenge. The challenge is held every year and as of now nobody has successfully completed it.

What’s the status of Auton?

At the moment, we’re still in the planning and design stage. I’ll be continually posting updates on this blog so make sure you keep checking for updates!

What will the specs/features of Auton?

Auton’s heart will be the Raspberry Pi, The Raspberry Pi has a low powered ARM chip running at 700Mhz which will allow us plenty of overhead. Solar Cells will charge the onboard batteries that power the RPi and various sensors.

How can i help?

There are many ways you can contribute to this project, from designing a new logo to getting stuck in with the programming side of things. There is a mountain of work to be carried out and we’d love it to be community led.

Will the plans and source code be released?

All the plans and source code will be released on this Blog so anyone could build their own Auton sailing boat.

When will it be finished?

There isn’t a set plan for when it will be finished as there will be time and money¬†constraints. I’m hoping to get auton on the water (for testing) within the next 6 months.